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Performing maintenance checks for your home comfort system is a very important factor that helps to prolong the life of your air conditioning, heating and HVAC systems. Like your motorcycles or cars, having your systems properly maintained annually or bi-annually will not only save you time and money but also the discomfort of having them repaired at an inconvenient time  as well. We have the best and most experienced service technicians at Long Island Air Conditioning Experts and they are licensed to perform maintenance checks for all all types of all major brands of cooling, heating, refrigeration and HVAC systems. We specialize in both residential and commercial customers serving the Long Island community for over two decades.

Our success and continued growth as a company can be attributed to our main goal which is to serve our customers with excellence and integrity.

Long Island Air Conditioning Experts have come up with the best maintenance plan packages in the industry that will definitely suit your budget. Performing maintenance checks for your systems will give the peace of mind and comfort, as well as decreasing the incidents of your systems not working when you need it most. Our plans are created both for your home and office systems. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We always make it a point to only use the latest tools and technology to better serve you. You can always call on Long Island Air Conditioning Experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Below are some simple tips on how you would be able to properly maintain your heating, HVAC, cooling and refrigeration systems. When these tips are done on a regular basis, you will have least chance of having issues with your home comfort systems.

   1. Regularly check the control boxes and cables for any damage or exposed wire.
   2. Lubricate the motor regularly.
   3. Check for any unusual noise from the system while it’s running.
   4. Clean dirt and dust that accumulate son the unit once or twice a week.
   5. Clean or replace air filters when needed.

Contact us today. Our friendly phone specialists will be available to discuss your maintenance needs.

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